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so i used money that i raised with a group of nixon alumni to pay for a lot of this. i used some of the trust fund money. very expensive. it is very expensive to do this project, but my goal was to show that, because most of the times these oral histories are done by private foundations, and they have a vested interest, i would say, in a certain legacy. i will not say that at all push for that legacy. the el bj foundation is evenhanded about history, but that is not true for all. this is the first time the national archives did something like this on this scale, and i wanted it to be done. >> we are over time. >> i am sorry. >> the former director of the nixon library tree and he left
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in 2011. thank you very much. >> brian, my pleasure. thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> for a dvd copy of this program, call 1877-662-7726. for free transcripts, or to give us your comments about this program, visit us at q-and- "q&a" programs are also available as c-span podcasts. >> next, the president of haiti addresses the european parliament. in a speech by syrian president bashar al assad, and at 11:00, another chance to see "q&a,"
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with the former director of the nixon library. >> tomorrow on "washington journal," changes to the u.s. tax code as a result of the passage of the fiscal cliff bill with donald williamson. the citizens against government waste look at what is in the legislation, including plug in scooters, and a senior correspondent talks about that taxes american space in 2013 as part of the affordable care act. "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> i think security remains a top priority because of the national security situation. we found congress failed to reach a conclusion. they remain very far apart. this industry is very opposed to any cybersecurity standards. >> i think another issue will be the auctions to create more
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spectrums, so the fcc has their sleeves rolled up. some of the hot-button issues on this are on a license spectrum, which powers wi-fi and other amazing devices that the technology sector is coming up with. >> net neutrality could be a big issue. the circuit court is considering the verizon challenge to the fcc rules, and it is not clear how the court will rule, but there are indications that similar issues in the part -- in the past, the fcc has been skeptical. >> a look at the technology and telecommunications issues monday night on "the communicators," at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span to. the british house of commons is on a holiday break. "prime minister's questions" returns next week. earlier, michel martelly, the
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first head of state from haiti to address the parliament. since the 2010 earthquake, the eu has provided close to $415 million of humanitarian aid. this is about 30 minutes. [applause] >> [speaking foreign language] . >> colleagues, honorable president, relations between the eu and haiti are of particular importance to us.
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the earthquake which on january 12, 2010, devastated haiti, and over 220,000 victims, at 1.7 million people were made homeless as a result of this earthquake, led to unprecedented international solidarity, in particular on the part of europeans. the eu launched comprehensive humanitarian aid aimed at rebuilding the country. since 2010, the european union has been the most important donor when it comes to aid given to haiti. your country continues to have to cope with the disastrous consequences of the earthquake and this year, once again, natural disasters once again
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struck your country. hurricane isaac and heard gain sandy left destruction in their wake with devastating consequences on supply and the population with food, etc.. you can always count on close cooperation and support from the eu. we want to help your country we want to help your country become economically and politically stable, a country which can provide for itself, and which can make a contribution itself to reducing poverty. we have hopes for establishing a lasting democracy and stability
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in haiti. there are huge challenges you have to face, president martelly, and we are aware of the dramatic challenges that you face three years after the catastrophe struck 370,000 people in your country in need of decent housing because they have to live in very difficult conditions. this is of the utmost significance. the reconstruction process is something that has to be structured as effectively as possible. this needs to be combated. bolstering democracy and the
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rule of law. particularly within the judicial sector, and to add that the finances to be provided by the eu, what do we have -- what we have to assure is that we can continue to comply, particularly with respect to your country. we have to keep our promises, and we have to continue to rally around the citizens of haiti and show solidarity towards them. a very ambitious reform program, and you have a reliable partner in this fight to ensure that the financial resources -- the financial commitments towards countries like haiti, we have to guarantee these financial resources, so fighting for the
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budget, guaranteeing that we can keep our promises of solidarity. [applause] i am not delighted, president, to give you the floor, and i want to welcome you once again to the european parliament. [applause] >> [speaking foreign language] it -- monsieur, --
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>> [speaking foreign language] i am deeply honored in my invitation to this separatist parliament, and i would like to thank you for that. -- to this prestigious parliament, and i would like to thank you for this. i come here bearing our credo, the same as that which helped you through adversity, the one which opened the door to 30 years of growth, the same which helped to stand up again during the second world war, the same one which brought down the berlin wall. the same one which inspired a late and respected man. i come here to tell you that despite hell and high water and despite its bruises, haiti has not lost its guard.
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haiti is standing up again, and this is the good news that i wanted to bring this house. this change of tack into to the courage of our population and to the determination of our administration, but we also know in no small measure the active combination of europe, which has been of the essence, and i think you for that. i see in this a friendship which has been forged through history, and we cannot be indifferent as we confront the financial crisis which threatens you and also affects us. i remain convinced that a united europe, one which is ever stronger, will find the
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appropriate solutions in order to restore its economy to help. no recession is forever, and the time that a crisis lasts will depend on the progress of the government measures. from mario draghi to christine lagarde, you have available to use some of the best names on the planet, which will help you to overcome crisis. however, my presence here today is an opportunity to thank you for your generosity and for your solidarity and to recall that no country can find its way out of poverty simply by handouts and charity.
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certainly, haiti still need your assistance, but the haitians, what they need is productive work. they need to trade, and they need direct investment. haiti is that the doors of the americas. america is fighting its way back to growth, and south america which did not have a crisis and has continued its growth. haiti plays a strategic platform hub. it is an area that is conducive to investment. it is a jumping off point for companies to participate in the big construction of our country and where they can reach out to the rest of the region.
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we need airports. we need roads. we need electricity generation and hotels. we have fertile soil, and we can easily begin to feed our population again and to export our products. 80 is a climate and is also blessed with geography, white sand beaches, and nature which is still, to a large extent, intact. our country has many things that are protected by nature. courageous. with its ingenuity and desire to work, and i am here today to invite you to drive the blessings of this country, and
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there is also potential for investment. i am here to ask you to work with us to help regain our sovereignty and to get back to the international money markets. i am here come together with you, to envision other free- trade agreements, and we call you to work together with us for intelligent and lucrative projects. i would ask you to collaborate with us, to work together with us, so that together, we can find the best ways of finding them and financing them. many retired academics dream of contributing to make our world one which is cleaner and more equitable. the same thing to us. so they can participate in training our young people and their professors and academics. contribute with us to change
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history, history which reminds us of our links with spain, with the united kingdom, with spain, with italy. the more recent history which reminds us of our links before 1940, -- the european union is now making a big effort in certain areas and in terms of development and cooperation. year, proud of its outreach, of its convictions, of the thinking which it has given the world. it's responsive to the world problems. there is what it has embarked on side by side with countries.
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people must know that the countries -- it cannot close its borders. it cannot turn off the tap of its generosity in its brain power. that is what can be put into a world, one which is more morally economic, one which is safer in environmental times, more democratic. haiti, it strengthened and fortified by this friendship, is seeking to throw off the status quo and cliches, which is to break the chains of underdevelopment and to exercise its demons -- exercise -- exorcise its demons. my administration has been at it along the way, but no one can deny our good faith.
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this year, in haiti, once again, we have been affected to differing degrees of the tropical tempests of isaac and sandy. once again, the cost has been counted in human lives, in harvests, it in people's houses, and in livestock, which have all suffered, and once again, the international community has been prompt in coming in and stepping up, helping, salvaging, in reconstructing. we must break through this vicious cycle. we must replace it with a virtuous circle. this is what we are endeavoring to do, and this is the effort which will put haiti back on its feet. haiti will find its feet again, because we have taken
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cognizance of the haitian territory, which is considerable, and it is not going to get better in the years ahead if the climate change continues to bear down on the caribbean islands. we will get back on our feet because in a stubborn way, we are working to a different drummer. we must go into preventive mode, and prevention means a bigger investment. regional planning, and planning means making the country or less vulnerable. it means protecting that whichever been affected by deforestation, in a way that lays the basis for further destruction. regional planning means of avoiding losing millions of dollars with every weather event. it means creating a living
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environment for the people of haiti, and the government has the instruments available, the tools available to it to make a goal of regional planning. these instruments, the national center, supported by funds from the european union and others for regional planning, which, again, you contribute to with your funds. i wish to thank you for this contribution. let me say that our administration will use these funds to the hilt. in the longer time frame, so we can leave our fingerprints on the haitian area. as you can see in this area, this is on the front of those helping us. europe is at the forefront, able
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to continue to inspire everyone, and as the world realizes, they cannot go it alone. it has to be in the regions, the larger regions, so we can find a single voice, so we can give each other mutual support while maintaining identity. the caribbean region and the island's large and small, without any exclusion, will emerge one day as a genuine union of independent states and will drive the full benefits conferred upon it due to its strategic position. this is the price to pay for stability and, indeed, for peace in the world. these are new incentives for development in a context where all the stakeholders must contribute with regularity in
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where justice prevails. the european union, in the context of its assistance to the countries of africa, the caribbean, and the pacific makes a major contribution, and the financial wherewithal in the european development fund, they are becoming more substantive and part and parcel of this initiative. the haiti of today signs up to that is conscious of its place, its weight, its cloud, its role in the region, but also the deficiencies, the gaps. we have the lucidity to realize that we must stop the self flagellation, and we must work to fill the gap, which is what we are doing.
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every day, we feel more of those gaps. this is not going to be a sprint. it will be the long haul. and, here again, europe is a source of inspiration for us. because there are some eu member states which are feeling the pressure and have been doing for a long time now. before then to come back in financial terms, getting year of that depends on transparency and management of public resources. it means fighting in the areas of education for the population so that they can work with determination to make their contribution to rebuilding their respective economies. success knows no frontiers. my term of office will be
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dedicated, among other things, to getting haitians into the schools, to keeping up the fight against corruption, to establishing the rule of law, and my hope and trust is that the results will, within less than two years. more than 1 million children who read and loved by the wayside now have free access to education. -- who were left by the wayside now have free access to education. the effort for reconstruction is already paying off. more than 1 million homeless people finding accommodation, and part of these benefits have come from taxpayers. i say to them that all of our
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strategies and their solidarity has not been wasted. those that are most formidable are the ones that have benefited the most. -- most vulnerable are the ones then have benefited the most. there is taking shape in front of our eyes that the institutions have been filled. the constitution has been amended, and despite its weaknesses, it has now been promulgated. the magistrates have found their positions again. the constitutional court is now functioning. the permanent electoral committee is taking shape. the elections for one-third of the senate posts are on their way. freedoms are there, as well. -- citizens' freedoms are there,
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as well. corruption is losing ground, and organized crime has no more sanctuary. slowly but surely, justice is becoming more just. in the chapter of human rights, there is a ratification during my time of office of the agreements and conventions which will mean that there will be no prescription for certain crimes, we'll time limits on them, and with your help, we will work to assure that there is equal opportunities, equality, and the protection of children. all of these things will come to pass. the first things are there.
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honorable members of parliament, at the start, you had an economic europe and the funding powers of the ecb, and you understood this, and the ecb countries were following, as much -- as much -- as must haiti. your support for our major infrastructure works. national roads, number three, where a large stretch was recently opened it. this motorway it already is doing its part to make our economy more dynamic and to open up the hill country for the regional authorities. the processing plants on the frontiers with their neighbors, with our national markets, all
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of these things are pushing in that direction, beginning with economic growth and development, and this is fine. from the very inception of my term in office, i have reached these paradigms'. often, we have dipped into your funds of wisdom, your ideals, and your insurance civilization. what emanates from strasbourg is now closely matched with your parliament, and you have been falling us along this path. you have been standing by our side, and thank you for your reception as you welcome us today, for which i thank you. it [applause]
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>> thank you very much, indeed, president. thank you for your words. thank you, too, for having reminding us of the founding fathers of america. i think your speech provided us with stimulus, encouragement, reminding us that our integration project is important not just for us but for other parts of the world, too. parts of the world, too.

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